Tips On Cleaning a Bathroom

Tips On Cleaning a Bathroom

Clients often as us what is the most efficient and effective way to clean their bathrooms. Below we will give some general tips to make cleaning your bathroom a more pleasant experience.

1) The first rule of bathroom cleaning is to let everything soak before you begin. Half an hour before you will start cleaning go in and spray all of the difficult surfaces with your cleaning product of choice. These areas include sinks, toilet bowl, bathtub and showers. If your shower door has a build up of soap or residue, spray that as well. Then leave the room and give everything time to settle.

This is going to make your cleaning job much easier. You’ll find you have to work much less to get better results if you follow this important tip. When our cleaners arrive at a home or office, the first thing they do is go into every washroom and get all these surfaces pretreated. Then they go clean elsewhere and return to finish the bathrooms.

2) Leave the sinks or toilet bowl until last. When cleaning you will often have dirty water you need to get rid of, or perhaps you will need to wash your hands if something comes up. If you cleaned the sinks first you will be making a mess, and more work for yourself, when you use them later on in the cleaning. Try to make these areas the last thing you clean to avoid having to redo work you already did.

3) Dust that ceiling fan first. Bathroom fans are some of the dustiest areas in a bathroom, and are often overlooked. While cleaning these you will make a mess below. To avoid extra work re cleaning the bathroom counter or floor under your fan, make sure you clean this (And all other high surfaces) before you get to the other areas.

4) Use micro fiber cloths. These cloths are both eco friendly and extremely effective when cleaning all areas of your home, including bathrooms.
Clients are often surprised at how well a clean micro fiber cloth and their product of choice can clean deep set stains in their bathtubs or showers. The nature of the cloths also makes them very effective against grout as you can use your fingers wrapped in a cloth to get into all of the creases.

5) Use a separate cloth when cleaning the toilet. If you are properly cleaning a toilet, you will be getting your (gloved ) hands dirty. A toilet bowl brush does work but once in a while you will want to give it a deep clean and use a cloth to get to all the hard to reach areas. To avoid spreading of bacteria, make sure you don’t use this same cloth to clean other areas. If you only have one cloth then you can clean all other areas first and finish with the toilet.

6) Remember you don’t have to do everything at once. General upkeep makes things easier than setting aside a weekend to do all your cleaning. If you quickly wipe down your shower after every few uses it will make cleaning it much easier in the future. Preventing grout from getting built up contaminants in it is much easier than having to scrub and clean it later.

That’s all the tips we have for you today about bathroom cleaning. As always, if you would just like to hire us instead of cleaning your bathroom yourself you can book with us in 60 seconds using our website: Book Now! We provide cleaning services for all of Toronto and for all sorts of dwellings.

This includes:
Apartment cleaning services
House cleaning services
Condo cleaning services
Office cleaning services
Maid services
Specialty services (Such as house boat cleaning, etc)

Have a great day!

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