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Today’s blog post will be about the house cleaning services we offer for Toronto.

We do service other types of homes, such as:

-Apartment cleaning services
-Condo cleaning services
-Boat cleaning services
-RV cleaning services

but there are many unique challenges that come with each type of property and we will be going over the ones specific to houses today.

The biggest unique feature of a house is the inclusion of a basement. This could be a finished basement, or an unfinished one. We charge a standard $70 to clean all types of basements. This includes any bathrooms, common areas, laundry rooms, etc that one would find in a basement.

The only time this does not apply if it is a basement apartment (Such as a unique living area with different tenants and a separate entrance) We would have to classify this as another one bedroom home.

Depending on the usage of your basement, they don’t need to be cleaned every visit. Dust will always accumulate but it does so much faster if the area is actively being used. Some of our weekly customers only want their basements cleaned once a month or so, while others need it cleaned every week. This is something that is specific to every house but after a few visits we will get a better feel for the place and be able to suggest what would be a good schedule for your home.

Many basements also contain rooms with unfinished floors. We have cleaned electrical rooms and pantries that had no floors at all, just gravel or dirt. In cases like this we would recommend a very light clean such as basic dusting on the walls/ceilings and avoid touching the floor.

Our website lists what comes with a standard clean, but you can always call or email us and ask for specialty service. For example, we do not clean attics unless requested as a specialty service. Examples are:

-Allergy cleaning
-Attic cleaning
-Boat cleaning
-Shed cleaning
-Deep cleaning
-Patio cleaning
-Move in/ Move out
-After hours cleaning
Basically any special jobs, you can email or call us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

You can book with us in 60 seconds using our website: Book Now!

If you want to contact us about specialty jobs you can send us a request here: Specialty Request Form

Have a great week everyone!

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