Green meetings

At Easy Clean Toronto, we are devoted to sustainability in all areas of our business, not just for our cleaning services. Today I would like to talk about ways we are trying to make our meetings greener.

To greenify our meetings we use the following techniques:

1) We try to hold more informal meetings at a local coffee shop we can walk to near by. This reduces energy consumption by allowing our buildings energy to be low while using the energy of a building that is already on despite us being there or not.

2) The biggest waste of meetings in my opinion seems to be the large amount of paper waste created. Instead of printing out notes and information for all people present at the meeting we make everything electronic and present it though powerpoint or on the company laptop or tablet. Using white boards with erasable markers is also an option. Eliminating paper waste is an excellent and easy way to go greener.

3) If we are having food at our meeting in our offices, we pick close-by locations we can walk to and pick up the food ahead of time ourselves to avoid the waste produced by the delivery.

4) Instead of driving all to one central location, we often use Skype to hold conference calls. The amount of transportation pollution saved with this method adds up. If a meeting needs to be done in person we carpool to further reduce emissions.

These are just some of the way we try to provide a greener business for the Toronto area. If you have any further tips or suggestions, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Also, we hope everyone has a safe and wonderful long weekend. And if your holiday is a bit messy, let us clean it up for you. Just visit us at http://easycleantoronto.ca

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