Flexible Recurring Clean

Just fill out the following form or give us a call at (647-300-1787) to set up your Flexible Recurring Clean subscription and we will get back to you within 24 hours to set up your subscription. This subscription allows for regular service as well as flexibility with the date and time of service while giving you discounts for being a recurring member. You can log into the site and manage your own appointment times on your terms.

Since you can choose appointments based on your preferred time and date, we handle bookings in the following way:

Weekly Clean (20% off) = Four appointments per month
Bi-Weekly Clean (15% Off) = Two appointments per month
Monthly Clean (10% Off) = One appointment per month

This subscription is billed automatically based on the frequency of clean you select, not on when you book appointments (so if you are a Weekly Member, you will be billed weekly regardless of when you choose to schedule your cleanings during that month) This doesn’t affect your appointment time selection, the time and dates are up to you. When you book appointments through the site as a Flexible Recurring member, the price will show up as $0 in the shopping cart because the checkout process is only used for time/date confirmation. Billing will then occur automatically according to the frequency of service.