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At Easy Clean Toronto we often get asked what is the best way to greenify cleaning without having to make the cleaning supplies yourself. Some diluted vinegar can go a long way when it comes to cleaning, but sometimes people just want to buy a product and not worry about mixing and diluting and worrying about the right ratios.
We have used quite a few different cleaning products in the past, but these are our favourites right now when it comes to readily available green cleaning products.

1) The “green works” line from clorox. This line of cleaners are great for people who want to use greener cleaners in their home without having to make their own cleaners. They boast a 97% naturally derived composition and have products from all purpose cleaners, cleaning wipes, bathroom cleaners, chlorine free bleach, glass cleaner to cleaning wipes. The wipes in particular are great strong cleaners to remove dust, dirt, grease or any stuck on debris, and they are fully compostable. If a home wanted just one commercial product to start green cleaning their home I would recommend the green works all-purpose cleaner.

2) Cleaning vinegar. You don’t need to make this yourself anymore, companies like Heinz are diluting vinegar to sell as a cleaning product. They dilute it to be an optimal acidity for all purpose cleaning. The cleaning powers of vinegar are extremely versatile and one could clean almost their entire home with this. It’s antibacterial and very strong, while being completely green.

3) Water + microfiber cloth. Sometimes when cleaning you don’t even need products. A spray bottle with only water and a good microfiber cloth can clean up a large variety of messes. The cloths are reusable as well, which really makes a difference if used often. One microfiber cloth will replace rolls and rolls of disposable paper towel.

4) A mop. Yes, a standard mop is a great way to begin being green. You can purchase one made with a microfiber head for an even better cleaning experience. Many people have shelved their mop for disposable solutions, such as a Swiffer. One great line is the “E-Cloth Deep Cleaning Mop” which will give you many of the benefits of a Swiffer type product.

5) Hydrogen Peroxide instead of bleach. Hydrogen peroxide is a fantastic green cleaner. It is a safe bleach alternative that still kills mold and mildew, but after use it decomposes unlike bleach itself. You can use pretty much anywhere you would regularly use bleach. It is excellent at removing stains and odors, as well as whitening your fabrics. (This does come in many different concentrations so please do some research before buying. Different concentrations can be used for many different things)

6) This isn’t really a cleaning tip, but when you go to buy your cleaning supplies (Or any shopping) use reusable tote bags when shopping instead of paper/plastic. You can often buy these at the grocery store for a dollar or so. They last a very long time and will stop many plastic bags from entering our environment/landfills. They are also much more sturdy than the throw away alternatives. You’ll save money, get a better user experience, and still help out the environment.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and a fantastic Earth Day! And if your weekend was messy and you don’t feel like cleaning, let us do it for you. Visit http://easycleantoronto.ca to book an appointment today!

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